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ITAR DXB was born by three individuals based in the UK and Dubai who have spent the best part of their life working in the perfume and personal care industry. Amin, Usamah and Bilal met together in 2023 based on an idea to bring their love of OUD to the world in the form of a collection of products ranging from the initially release OUD AURA, Luxury Oud in a Body Spray can with 8 fragrances for Men and Women. ITAR DXB wanted to bring the wonderful flavors of the OUD world to the consumer in an easy to use spray can… but that's not where the story ends. Oud Aura is the first hybrid perfume and body spray where the consumer is able to have the effect of an EDP whilst they also have the convenience of a body spray. Oud Aura is also the first body spray-perfume that uses a patent technology called BIOME ™ , developed in Japan that uses a probiotic extract from fig bark. Probiota mitigate the damage that is normally done by chemical sprays as well as decrease the chance of allergens and help your skin regrow.

At ITAR DXB we are proud to bring you state of the art personal care products developed in Dubai that are not only of the highest quality but also have a healthy aspect to them at the same time. BIOME ™ is a patent technology that we have been working on for the last 4 years that not only helps regenerate skin through balancing probiota but also helps mitigate allergens and keep harmful bacteria at bay.

ITAR DUBAI invites you on a sensory expedition, where exquisite body sprays become your passport to a realm of unparalleled Arabian fragrance experiences.


Our Mission is to constantly innovate fusing middle eastern fragrances with state of the art healthcare to bring products that not only have an exquisite scent, but also help your balance the biota in your skin and help to maintain it.


Our Vision is to develop a full line of Body Sprays, EDP’s and Hair Mist Products and constantly innovate products that are increasingly appealing to the consumer creating a personal care lifestyle product range that appeals to those who are insistent on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and want to avoid the damage that conventional personal care products can cause to there skin.


Embark on a Sensory Journey

ITAR DXB has developed the world's first of a kind range of eight hybrid ‘Perfume Body Sprays’, four men’s and four women’s variants, each crafted with a specific individual characteristic in mind. We have been careful to ensure the right dose has been added to give the user the extended fragrance experience whilst creating superb undertones at the same time.

Crafted with your Health in Mind

OUD AURA is ITAR DXB’s first launch and has been developed not only as a high end hybrid perfume body spray, but also with has a unique patent formula called BIOME ™ within it. BIOME ™ developed in a laboratory in Japan, is a probiotic fig bark extract. Consistent use of chemicals on the skin causes an imbalance in your biota. Biota are essential in maintaining your health and imbalances in them can cause several ailments, infections, diseases and even in extreme cases cancer. With the addition of BIOME ™ a healthy balance of biota is maintained on your skin, thus reducing such risks significantly and infact helping to grow healthy refreshed skin. BIOME ™ also helps reduce the chance of allergies and helps reduce harmful bacteria.

A Testament to Luxury

OUD AURA has been developed with the highest quality fragrances from the middle east as well as organic ingredients that are not only safe for your skin, but also less damaging to the environment than conventional chemicals used by other manufacturers.


Our first launch, OUD AURA has had almost one and half years of research and development in it. We have insisted on using high quality ingredients and the product once used speaks for itself. We also wanted to make this a very practical product, one that could be carried in a bag, whilst traveling or in the gym. We have also been very careful in ensuring the correct balance has been added as we wanted our consumers across the world to have a product that not only emulates both a body spray and a perfume but also lasts long on your body and attire.




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